Sunday, December 26, 2010


8x8 acrylic on canvas

my paintings both simultaneously do and do not have symbolic meaning. painting is very much an organic construct for me; i feel the urge building inside me until i must paint and then i do so, almost unintentionally creating the images you see here. very few of my works have a clear direction, they rather arise from the moment and the emotion of the undeniable need i feel to create them. i am often startled by the end result, and it is only in retrospect that i see them as representative of my subconscious mind. there are certainly themes running through my paintings, but i prefer to leave the interpretations of them up to the viewer. art, literature, poetry, lyrics - the creator always maintains a personal connection to their own work, but it is the observers who bring their own unique experience to them, thereby breathing new life and meaning into ever static yet ever changing pieces of art. 

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